So... you want to know where i lurk on line...?

Well you're in luck ^_^! i;ve compiled a useful index of my usual haunts for you.
feel free to peruse them. vibe check me. do what you'd like

[my art & characters, art-related updates]
probably my most active public social media, i check there almost daily! :) i have my silly little characters and drawings up on there. if you're also something of an Artiste, feel free to follow.
[music i enjoy, updated live...]
archive of my (rather erratic) music taste, it's been active & tracking since november 2018. click around and see what you think. if you're also something of a Music listener, feel free to follow.

[geocities gif collection]
oldweb themed tumblr blog where i upload gifs found on internet archives that catch my eye. activity is very sporadic, i usually go inactive for months at a time. regardless, there's a lot to browse.