Published: July 15th, 2020.


This is a fun little internet place to have fun at. :).

bad girls club by falling in reverse (spotify link).



ON this website you will soon be able to find...







oh god

HAY SEXY BOY i got you wrapped aorund my finger!!!! L! O! V! E! REALLY DOESNT MEAN MUCH Your love is like a drug! but it is not enough! give me a B! A !D! WE'RE THE BAD GIRLS CLUB!!!!!!!!-
*music stops*
hello >:)

iIam r
im INSIDE your computer and i wont be leaving.

as im sure you can see your computer is breaking as i speak. im doing this on purpose to cause trouble. ive overwhelmed ur google search with pointless questions and keywords

my goal....? to destroy the internet itself.. one web page at a time. imagine it. it could be the biggest prank ever you google your sickness symptoms and i diagnose you with lame disorder

WHY WONT MY VISION OF THE IDEAL FUTURE PICTURE UPLOADnvm got it its about time someone messed with the internet. too many people use it and not enough people do stuff with me like go to the mall or arcade or bowling alley or party or playground at night.
i promise this is for the best people will have soooo much more fun if theyre with me
im gonna recruit more people to help me out because even someone as epic as me.... i also get bored. if i dont take breaks ill become the very thing i vowed to destroy. an internet user.

Willingly or not these people are going to help me
(thunder booms)
The internet.


(recruits will be here as soon as i find worthy people to help me)

Heres my next website page